Oil experimental workshop
TIME: 10.30 - 3.30PM
SUNDAY 12 June 2022

Please watch the adjacent video for a bit more information about the workshop on experimenting in abstraction in oils.

Briefly, you will be able to learn more about palette knife techniques, try cold wax painting, try crackle paste as a base coat, learn about colour mixing/combining, and embedding or applying materials. To book and check availability click here

The Making of the Yellow field paintings

An insight into the makings of the cold wax yellow field paintings. First some middle of the field sketching in watercolour and a few photographs. Next back in the studio, I mix up the Michael Harding paint with 50:50 cold wax (from Zest)  all in advance and start applying lumps with palette knives. Next I use the silicon wedges to mix, flow and create the large areas.

LOCATION Upton art studio


Briefly the dates are

15 May  Improvers Turner sunsets

19 May Improvers Watercolour with pen and ink


For more details and to book online go to here