Woodland Sketchbooks with Walking Meditations.

This book is a compilation of completed images and sketchbook inspirations of seasonal walks around Fairhaven woodland and water gardens by Corrin Tulk.

Corrin uses watercolour, Aquarelles, or pen and inks to record changing light, foliage and wildlife.

The book could be used as an inspirational tool for walkers, artists and photographers. The mediations provide a way of focussing the mind on details, textures or sounds that can bring the observer into the now moment.

86 pages

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Amsterdam Sketchbook

Amsterdam Sketchbook. Amsterdam is an inspirational destination for an artist. I enjoy pen and ink sketch-booking as it is a quick and simple medium. A handbag size book is ideal. Two or three subjects really sustained my interest. The stack of bicycles at every corner and the canal bridge vistas watching the boats appear and disappear underneath the bridge!

Coming soon

Coming soon

Abstract Seascapes Oil Paintings.