Art Classes

Welcome to the options for painting classes which are held in my active Upton studio in a relaxed fun environment. There is a great library of books for reference and inspiration too.

If you join a Sunday all day classes, we pop down to the local White Horse pub for an hour lunch break (pre-order Roasts usually). It is a great way to divide the lesson in to two parts.
Classes are small maximum 5-6 people.

 Introduction to oil painting

Suitable for artists who wish to investigate oil as a medium

(especially if they come from experience in acrylics or water colours)

Topics covered include

  • A brief outline of oil qualities and how brands differ
  • Application of oil
  • Canvas preparations
  • Brief outline of brushes and their uses with example artists
  • Mark making, variety of brush strokes, palette knives
  • Colour mixing ( there’s an assumption that you will know the primary colour wheel)
  • Principals of oil painting, fat over lean.
Full day 10.30 – 3.30pm
Sunday 18 August or 1 Sept 2024

Abstract cold wax oil painting

Art class for those interested in trying cold wax oil painting techniques. This class is messy, so dress appropriately, apron, clear gloves etc.

You will need to bring some research material, photographic landscapes or a focussed sketchbook on an area of interest. Could even be floral, portraits, urban or industrial inspiration. You just need a starting point.

Also refer to my blog post regarding this class.

  • Palette knives
  • coldwax
  • collage and embedding
  • Colour mixing
  • Improve mark making.
Full day 10.30 – 3.30pm
Sunday 11 August and Sunday 15 September 2024

Watercolour improvers Class

This class is suitable for those wishing to improve their technical skills. Will cover some of the tricky problem areas

  • Drawing curves in perspective
  • Tips on shadows to create 3D affect
  • Wet brush on paper with deep grain for texture
  • reflections in water
  • wet in wet technique
  • Try different papers, handmade, smooth, coloured papers

10.30 – 3.30pm

8 September 2024

Self Portrait Class

An opportunity to try painting with a limited paint palette.

Learn skills to better observe details of the eyes, nose and lips.
Practice creating multiple Flesh tones
No dates designated yet, register your interest via the contact page.
Full day 10.30 – 3.30pm