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Creating vibrant coloured paintings is my passion, walking meditations along the nearby dramatic East Anglia coastline is the platform for the inspiration for my oil paintings.  The next open studio is not until 20 September, in the meantime Art in East Anglia Gallery represents me and has just been restocked with my newest artwork. Details here.

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Cherry Tree Cottage 10 Marsh Road Upton NR13 6BS

Norfolk open studio 2023

8 October 2023 

open 11-4pm

Painting demonstrations 11am and 2pm

Abstract seascape oil paintings

Enjoy looking around the the website from mini canvas to larger works, plus books, cards and courses

Year at a Glance

It is always good to do a bit of planning ahead, it helps me figure out when to retreat a bit to work on a new series and when I can come out of the painting cave to get involved in group shows. There are a few unconfirmed events that I have included (that is more for me to remember to apply! than to assume I am included)